Three Awesome Sonic Games

There are so many different Sonic games on the market. You do not know which ones to buy, so let's look at three good games.Sonic ultimate genesis collectionSonic fans are in luck, because this game came out at the right moment. Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection is a collection of the best Sonic games that came out on the 16 bit console. These are the games that made Sonic a worldwide game came out not only on the PS3 but also on the Xbox 360. So many gamers have access to get the game. It is strange that it did not come out on the Wii. On a good note, the game comes with over 30 of these games you need to unlock.There is no xbox live support, though. But it is not really necessary for this game anyway.Sonic And Sega All Star RacingThis is a racing game that is really fun. Of course this game has been influenced by the Mario Kart series, but it still is very entertaining and addictive.There are many different tracks that will keep the game fresh and interesting. The in-game controls are very good and make it easy to do rapid sharp only can you play as Sonic or his friends, there are other Sega characters that are playable. Too bad some of the more memorable Sega characters are not in the game plays very good and is great to look at. If you are a fan of Sonic you should play this game.Sonic RushThis is available on the Nintendo DS and is an absolute must-have for the fans. Even if you are not a fan, but love platforming and adventure games then you need to check this one game is very well done, from the presentation to the graphics, it is pure is really cool is that even though the game is in 2D, the boss battles are all in 3D. Luckily it all blends well the older Sonic games you will build up speed only to be slowed down by enemies or spikes. This game solves that problem by introducing the boost ability.

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