Spiderman – Shattered Dimensions Quick Review

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has revolutionised the Spider-Man sequence. After a long development process I had high expectations for the game.

Maybe this Spider-Man game doesn't stand out with graphics or sound but it does have great plot. The idea of a tablet shattered across 4 dimensions, so it doesn't fall in the wrong hands, is creative and the gameplay it offers is always different in any dimension. There is a different Spider-Man and a different bad character in every dimension. All of the parts from the shattered tablet must be found and secured by Spidey, because the one who has the tablet becomes too powerful. In the other Spider-Man games you will have an open environment city where Spidey will be swinging from building to building and completing different assignments. In this game the things are straighter forward. You will have 13 levels, about 3 levels on each dimension, and each level may take from half an hour to a hour to complete. Each dimension has its own characteristic gameplay. The 4 dimensions: The Amazing Universe , The Noir Universe, The 2099 Universe and The Ultimate Universe.

The Amazing Universe. The Amazing Spider-Man is the Spidey we best recognize from the movies with the well known red and blue suit. As I said even though you play in four different worlds it's not the landscape that makes the real difference, it's the gameplay. In this world you're using more web attacks. Hitting the bad guys with web hammers and things like that.

The Noir Universe. The Noir Spider-Man is based in the 1930's and apart from all the other he's relying almost only on stealth attacks. You will be hiding in the darkness and waiting for the ideal moment to attack when there is no one to see you. There are a couple of attack variations so it won't be tedious if you don't like stealth action. I have never played Batman: Arkham Asylum but when I asked a friend of mine for opinion about Shattered Dimensions he said that the Noir dimension reminds him of Arkham Asylum.

The Ultimate Universe. In the Ultimate dimension Spider-Man has the symbiote suit. He is much more powerful than the Noir spider. It's cool how you just stop thinking about any restrictions. As you play in Noir universe you must be careful and then you get into the Ultimate Universe and there are no limitations. You will just shoot spikes out of your chest or out of the ground and kill the bad guys.

The 2099 Universe. This world takes place 89 years in the future. In this world Spidey will spend more time flying or free falling and will be using more aerial attacks.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is very cool. The plot and always changing gameplay make the game really interesting. I had great time playing around and I wouldn't say that the game is hard.

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