What happens “Final Fantasy XIV”

SCE was abruptly announced at the press conference of "Final Fantasy XIV" (PC / PLAYSTATION 3, below FFXIV) about the Koporetoeguzekutibu said Shinji Hashimoto, "Final Fantasy XI" (below, FFXI) Mr. Tanaka Hiromiti Producer Mr. Kawamoto Nobuaki of the director Q & A sessions were held. The following questions and answers to deliver it.

We also have posted it as well as screenshots and artwork newly acquired, try looking carefully into every corner. The session before the start of Mr. Hashimoto was accompanied by the following comments. "FFXIV about the current state and PLAYSTATION 3 PC only we announced the deployment. In addition, Xbox and other versions for other models where 360 is in talks," which, considering the positive The Xbox 360 version of the zero possibility that space.

Q. FFXI is common?

Mr. Tanaka Hiromiti (the Tanaka):Although the appearance of the avatar appeared as a species similar to a completely different game, "Eoruzea" which is set in a world different from the name of the tribe. FFXI players, has to play with love and race in the face of the new game design. It is likened to actors and avatars in a work that assassination was a robot, the work of another Mars Dattari Messiah, and that the image or even a spy.

Q. How would you develop? Future. The development team is the same?

Tanaka:If you have a FFXIV is starting from about four years ago, has developed a little later the earnest. Currently FFXIV and FFXI has already developed simultaneously. FFXI development, working plan and they want version always has one more year have a full schedule, the idea is not exhausted yet.

Q. "World of Warcraft" (below, WoW) to do what is affected?

Mr. Kawamoto Nobuaki (hereinafter referred to Mr. Kawamoto):Such as those in WoW, the system made for casual gamers is just trying FFXIV well. However, though we are conscious of WoW, I'm going to make something of their own.

Q. How will the battle system like?

Kawamoto said:Details can not be answered yet. Soropurei Q. How can I? Also, FFXI is cultivated through experience what I have been utilized to develop it?

Kawamoto said:FFXI is a game that has made the principal party, this assumes both Patipurei Soropurei and are developing.

Q. Please tell us in the development worldwide.

Tanaka:This time, I think the simultaneous release of four areas of UK, Germany and France.

Q. Hard by the server for each language would do it right?

Tanaka:Currently, FFXI has assumed a global server on the same Kurosurijonsabisu, upon request of the players are also considering providing a server system of free choice. However, you can freely select a server, you've really out bias current of Bahamut FFXI servers as so inevitable that the number of players go into a flat, they do not balance If I adjust the assumption that predictable.

Q. FFXI is the voice of the player has to reflect the evolution of seven years, as well as future, or intends to reflect the requests from the players?

Kawamoto said:Of course I will. Others already have FFXI from a variety of opinions from the views of players, and I want to reflect them in the starting point, FXIV in ?-testing, I would like to reflect gradually incorporated.

Q. FFXI and FFXIV, the community will be able to have two things which I will be different? Do you assume or crossover?

Tanaka:We believe it is your choice in the community. This is not to have been originally developed at the same time, players sometimes FFXI, when FFXIV also good if I play back and forth and so on. If that sort of thing, I think the community is also expanding. On the other hand, can be considered as either a separate community. It will be made by players themselves will.Development

Q. Do you think the Spanish version?

Tanaka:We will consider any request from a strong player. But at the same time they do present the development of four languages, and that reality is full of a lot. If I do a good translator in Japan,The MMO FFXIV.

Q. What's going to be revolutionary?

Kawamoto said:We are not a MMORPG, the most interesting period for each "Final Fantasy" has to make. That is the most suitable direction of this approach was MMORPG. Appropriate for the new Final Fantasy, so we hope to offer a new MMORPG style.

Tanaka:However, part of the system and technical aspects of traditional MMORPG you do not want to believe that.